WE WILL RETURN  IN SEPTEMBER 2024 TO ONCE AGAIN SWIM THIS FABULOUS STRETCH OF WATER    This page will be updated when detils of the moon and tides has been analysed.

The window for swimming the Messina Strait is very small…………after half moon once a month with a maximum of 30 people per crossing……..we are very lucky to have secured 14 spots for the September 2024  corssing. (the date of the crossing is not yet available).

We have taken several small groups to complete this challenge………beautiful clear water and a fantastic swim (several people said it was the best swim they had ever done).

More details to follow.

Our tour will also include other beautiful swimming locations in Sicily. Non swim partners will have just as much fun (if not more!) than the swimmers.

For more details and to secure your place for this great swim contact Gina at Cousins Tours & Travel 03 9827 2999